The Oaks Home Owners Association

Who We Are

We are a subdivision of 182 homes which were constructed in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Approximately 100 of our homes are within the Gladstone city limits and the rest are within Kansas City.  The main entrance is on Old Pike and 51st St.  We are located in the northeast corner of the intersection of US 169 and I-29 in what is called the Northland of greater Kansas City. 
We are approximately 15 minutes from Kansas City International Airport and 10 minutes to downtown Kansas City.  Within one to two miles of here are grocery stores, major home improvement stores, restaurants, banks, office supply, pet store, gym, shoe store, hair stylist, car dealerships, gas stations and others.  
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The Oaks Board of Directors
Chair: Robert Ackerfield
Vice Chair: Brett Warga
Secretary: Terri Rizzolo
Treasurer: Chase Lad
Board Member: Chris Wallace
Advisor: Larry Patterson
Webmanager: Bob Bee

P.O. Box 10771  |  Kansas City, MO 64188-0771