The Oaks Home Owners Association

Volunteer Opportunities

Board Member
The By-Laws call for five board members.  Board meetings are generally every other month.  They run from 1 1/2 to two hours and are usually scheduled for a weekday evening.  Members are solicited for the best time to meet.  We meet in each other's homes.  For more information or to volunteer contact the Chairman For position descriptions, click here.
Dumpster Day
There are two shifts of 1.5 hours each (9 a.m. - 12 p.m) and two sites (bulky items and brush).  We need persons to take a shift at one of the dumpsters.  You would be responsible for checking driver's licenses (to make sure they are a homeowner) and to see if their HOA dues are current.  The treasurer will provide a list of those who are deliquent.  In addition, a broom and dust pan are needed to pick up loose trash that may spill.  For more information or to volunteer contact the Secretary.
Home Improvement Committee
New Neighbor Greeter
Plant Flowers
Display Signs
The secretary needs help with meeting mailings from time to time (Newsletter, Annual Meeting Notices, etc.)
  • Stuff, seal, stamp and affix mailing label to envelope 
P.O. Box 10771  |  Kansas City, MO 64188-0771