The Oaks Home Owners Association

Home Improvements

Home Improvement Committee
(aka Architectural Control Committee)
Declaration of Restrictions:  Articles VI & VII
Purpose:  To approve any structure or improvement to be built, altered or placed on any Lot in the Oaks subdivision. 
Membership:  The committee shall be composed of three individuals selected and approved by the Oaks Board of Directors.  Any two members shall have full power to act for the Committee.  One of the members shall be a current member of the Oaks Board of Directors.
Authority:  The Oaks Board of Directors stipulated (meeting of June 7, 2011) that in case there is not unanimous agreement on a project, the final decision will rest with the Board of Directors.
Submission of projects: 
            1.  Location in respect to current home.
            2.  Elevations:  front, side and back.
            3.  Type of material.
            4.  Color
            5.  Dimensions
            6.  Neighbors on either side of your home are informed. 
Specific Projects: (suggested guideline and procedures subject to Gladstone and Kansas City ordinances)  City permits are required for decks, driveways that extend to the street, roofs and any out buildings (sheds).  Click on the project to download the form.
If you do not get approval, you run the risk of having to redo the project in order to meet the Oaks standards.
Please allow 5 days from the date we receive the completed form for the committee to make a determination.  If you need something approved quicker just let us know and we will try to accommodate.
Email requests to the and they will be forwarded to the board member in charge for that time period.  
Deckspermit on hand from Gladstone or Kansas City; size; height from ground, type of lumber used, color, style of slats, height of top rail, hand rail for steps.
DrivewayMinimums:  2” bed of gravel, 4” of concrete, rebar one foot on center.  City permit is needed.  A third driveway for a two-car garage is not to extend beyond the front of the garage.  Furnish diagram with dimensions.
External Paintcolor of trim, siding and shutters.  Earth tones are preferred. Please include samples of the color swatches.
Fences:  height (not to exceed 72 inches), style (privacy, open slat), where it will be placed on your property (no fences in front of your house), type of material (no chain link), color.  Furnish a picture of the style of the proposed fence.  Survey markings must be visible.  If not, a survey must be done and the results submitted along with the project.  You need your neighbors written approval wherever the fence touches their property.
LandscapingAny significant change in your current landscaping (earth moving machines, changing elevations).  Please submit a diagram of the proposed project with any elevation changes and water flow direction
Roof:  color and material.  Darker earth tones are preferred.  No rolled roof material allowed.  Furnish a sample.
Room Addtions (exterior)  This would include enclosing a deck, adding a sunroom, building an additional room on your home.
Shedsmust match the style and color of your home.  Furnish a diagram of the building, including all dimensions and the distance from your home..
Sidingtype of material, color.  Furnish a sample of the color.
Solar Energy Systems:   Panels must be flat to the roof.  Panels are allowed on the front of the house is efficiency is too low with them only on the back. 
Wind Energy Systems:  Click on the title for complete instructions.  Must have approval of the Home Improvement Committee and the Board of Directors of The Oaks.
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